Initial consultation

SCA will come to your office or sporting club for an initial consultation. We understand the nature of committees and can visit your club out of normal business hours. SCA will cover every aspect of your club in relation to your goals and the future plans of your organisation. The consultation will establish what direction you want the organisation to take and we can advise you of how to achieve your goals. At the end of the consultation SCA will provide feedback for your committee of management and will provide a detailed report on potential sponsorship and government grants, advise on potential revenue making events, marketing campaigns and advise any updates to your strategic plan.

Government Grants

SCA can provide advice and how to write governments grants, we can also submit applications on behalf of your club. SCA has many years of experience in writing government grants and can assist your club to obtain new funding opportunities. Grants are available all year from state and federal departments and can assist with funding for new equipment, new events and strategic and business plans.

Costs depend on requirements.


No matter how big or small your event is it will need a plan. SCA can assist in any major event your organisation is looking at creating. SCA is experienced in event management and can provide the on ground and off ground support required to establish an event or function.

Costs depend on requirements.

Strategic Planning

The development or updating of your organisations strategic plan can be the difference between your organisation making a profit and becoming a leader in your field. SCA can assist your organisation in establishing a working strategic plan which will usually be a rolling 3 year plan.

Fully established strategic plans start from as little as $2,000.


Have you got a Facebook page, Twitter account, or need advice on how to further enhance your brand? SCA can assist with all your marketing requirements.

Costs depend on requirements.

Customised Sponsorship Proposals

SCA can set up a customised sponsorship proposal that will have sponsors knocking down your door. SCA will write the proposal from start to finish and can advise your organisation about who to target. Proposals will be forwarded to you in three different formats (Word, PDF and PowerPoint) allowing you to update and adjust anytime and it will be also sent to you in a presentation format so you can present to prospective sponsors.

Fully established proposals start from as little as $2,000.

Sports Legal Advice

Received a letter from a lawyer? Need advice on your rules and regulations? SCA can advise your organisation as to what action to take in relation to any sporting legal matter.

Costs depend on requirements.

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