SCA can assist your organisation with the following

SCA Membership for Clubs

SCA membership can provide your club with a virtual employee; we charge a yearly fee of $550 to clubs and offer a range of different services that are specialised in fields that some committees have not got the resources to provide. SCA membership will save your club thousands of dollars and will allow your club more time to work on internal matters. We offer tremendous value in our package, here is what you will receive:

  • Government grant application advice and procedures
  • 1 x government grant application to be submitted by SCA on behalf of your club
  • Sponsorship advice and proposal review of your club
  • 1 x SCA account manager to answer any questions and provide advice throughout the year (5 hours of consultancy advice for the 12 month period)
  • SCA limits these memberships per year, so please enquire within to secure your spot. The total cost is $550 including GST; membership is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and can be renewed or cancelled at the end of the period.

    Payments for SCA membership can be made via PayPal link below:

    Alternatively, you can pay via cheque or direct bank deposit. Please direct deposit membership fees to the following account:

    BSB 013215
    ACCOUNT 209518142

    Membership fee is $550 including GST.

    Government Grants

    Does your sporting organisation qualify for any government grants? SCA can advise which grants your organisation can apply for and can assist in writing a proposal that will assist you in securing government funding.


    SCA can assist with event planning and implementation. We can guide your organisation through all stages of organising an event and will provide a detailed plan for all staff and parties involved. SCA has worked on numerous major and minor events across Australia.

    Strategic Planning

    Every organisation, no matter how big or small, should have a strategic plan. SCA can assist your organisation to establish a new plan or update your current plan. We can assist you with your goals and objectives to move your organisation forward. There are many government grants available for strategic plans, please contact SCA for a review.


    SCA can advise your sports organisation about how to gain more exposure, increase brand awareness and implement modern day strategies to increase your membership.

    Sponsorship Proposals

    SCA can advise your organisation about how to write and present a winning sponsorship proposal. SCA can advise how to sell your product to prospective sponsors and who your organisation should target.

    Sports Legal Advice

    We are living in an age where litigation from your members can send your organisation broke. Legal advice on rules and regulations is an essential tool to safeguard your organisation against any potential litigant. Through our networks, SCA can provide legal advice on any sports circumstance.

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